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Gary Smith

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I don't draw as much as I used too, the result, many new art projects waiting for me to get back with it. I have three wonderful children, two girls, 14 and 3/4 and 13 and a boy who's 11. I collect comic books, movie dvd's and blu-ray. The special features on disc's are nearly, if not more, as interesting to me as the movie which help me to learn the from the director. Some favorite artist's are Alex Ross, he painted a special collector's tin for the video game Assassins Creed 3, and George Perez, Crisis on Infinite Earths and he did a writing run on Wonder Woman years ago. I play video games on PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and N3DS. I don't play them as much as I used to because of work, drawing and writing. I enjoy learning about health and nutrition and exercise to P90X. My apartment walls are adorned with photo's of me and my kids, toys, my creator owned artwork and art by my kids to help inspire my creating.

Favorite writer

Kurt Busiek of 'Astro City', Mike Carey of 'the unwritten' and 'Suicide Risk', Joe Hill of 'Locke and Key', Robert Kirkman of 'Invincible' and 'Thief of Thieves, Stephen King, Ted Dekker from 'The Books of Mortals' series, Frank Perretti of 'Illusion', J.K.Rowling of the 'Harry Potter' series.

I enjoy writing because

I can create worlds that are exciting to me.

My best writing advice

Focus and draw on the emotions you feel and have felt from experiences of yours and others to create a new world. Fact to fiction, tell all with name changes, so to speak. Some stuff in writing you just can't make up.

I'm currently reading

'Locke & Key' by Joe Hill and Gump & Co. by Winston Groom