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I am... a faceless bureaucrat. I am a wannabe Khan. If I had been blessed with children, their names would have been Temujin and Boudicca. I calls myself a writer although apart from a couple of poems in obscure fanzines and some scribblings in the stranger backwaters of the Internet remains still unpublished after over thirty years of trying. In that time I finished a novel, finished filmscripts and stories and failed to publish. I once papered a wall with rejection slips. I'm also a singer in two bands, a dulcitar player and an alchemist.

I am a four-greats grandson of Walter Savage Landor, the last poet to have a substantial ouevre in Latin (but best known for his poem, "Rose Aylmer")

I am married and live with my wife Isola aka Hopie, who I met through a computer dating agency even though she was not a member. (She answered a letter I addressed to a friend of hers who had already returned to the Caribbean). I also share the space with my stepson, most of the time his son who is under four (one of my wife's two grandsons - the other doesn't come round because his mother doesn't speak to us after my wife went to see me play at the Hope and Anchor instead of going to her baby shower) and of course Pipi a black and white cat who thinks teeth are communication devices.

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Neil Gaiman

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who said I enjoy it? I write because it's what I do.

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Keep writing

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