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Krystabel Harris

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I write for me because I love it, and I often will write for someone who is going through something tough, or because I want to share my feelings with someone special, or because I want to express to the world what I am going through and my emotions and reactions to it; through this writing and through my dance I express myself, if it's not for you then so be it. I do not seek approval, nor to please anyone but myself, however I do seek feedback, for I wish to improve upon the base of writing skills that I possess. So please feel free, tell me what I can do to improve, and if something strikes or touches your fancy in some way than inform me so I may know. Just know that sometimes I do something in a way that I find pleasing that others do not, but I always consider the point of view that you present me and if you are able to alter my feelings on it than consider it a learning experience for me. ^-^

Favorite writer

Tamora Pierce, J.R.R. Tolkien, Emily Dickinson to name a few XD

I enjoy writing because

I'm not very good with the spoken word, I am shy.. when I write the words just come of their own accord and I can say exactly what I want to say in the way that expresses me best ^-^

My best writing advice

Read it out loud, or at least read it in your head as if you're hearing someone say it, in order to get the prefect tone, the perfect flow, the perfect words to fall right into place =)

I'm currently reading

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.. also.. class notes =/