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Jordan Hewitt

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I'm a college student (Sophomore). One of my friends convinced me to put one of my stories online and now I post constantly. One problem is my allotted time for writing is not what it should be but I still write when I feel up to it. Recently, that's sort of been all the time. Music is a big part of my life. I cant make it, but I listen to it like a mad man. I constantly have an headphones on whenever I do anything. One thing unique about my music taste is that I enjoy all kinds of music and actually get a lot of inspiration from it.
(Note: My picture is that of General St. Clair, a highly unknown General of the United States Revolutionary Army)

Favorite writer

Ernest Hemingway

I enjoy writing because

Its a great way to release ideas and thoughts

My best writing advice

Start small

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The Martian

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