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Arien Mills

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I am 17 years old and a Senior in high school.My favorite pieces that I've written so far are THE PLAN, WHEN I DIED, and I PROMISE. I love writing, always have, and my dream is to become a journalist. Sadly, in these times and thanks to the economy, that's kind of unlikely, so I'm pursuing a nursing career and hopefully someday I'll be able to write in my free time:)

Favorite writer

Way too many... But I suppose if I would have to pick a few it would be Khaled Hosseini, the writer of the Kite Runner, one of my all time favorite books. I also love JK Rowling, obviously due to Harry Potter, and JRR Tolkein for Lord of the Rings. I'm kind of a fantasy geek...

I enjoy writing because

Writing allows me to put into words what I can't say to people's faces.

My best writing advice

I'm not sure if I'm really qualified for giving advice...

I'm currently reading

Frankenstein, for my AP Lit class