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Nicholas Morin

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Simply put, I love to learn and create.

I have always seen myself as an artist. From a young age I would take things apart and put them together in newer and more exciting ways.

I used to only be into building/inventing/sculpting and drawing. However as fate would have it, I broke my dominant hand in a game of softball. I was left unable to hold my tools or use a pencil.

Still feeling the need to be creative (honestly I was starting to go mad not being able to make things), and having just read a few stories by Edgar Allan Poe, I decided to try and type out a quick short story. Feeling proud of my work I decided to share it with a few close friends and family members. With the great feedback I received, I decided I'd write another, and another, etc. I was hooked.

Here I am now still drawing and still building but also writing whenever the inspiration comes to me.

I enjoy writing because

I am an artist. I love to create things that have never before existed.

My best writing advice

"Paint the image with words."

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