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Greetings fellow writers!
My name is Sol and this is the first time I've called myself a writer, or joined a writing site, or written anything worth reading.
Actually just recently I've given myself the chance to explore my artistic side in hopes of finding something good in there.
After getting past the cobwebs and dust covering my creative attic, I've found out the following: my musical skills are appalling, I make too much of a mess with watercolours, I am rather decent at drawing (and I prefer carbon sticks, go figure) and it turns out I can sort of write, too.
I always had ideas for stories in my head, but I found infinite excuses not to write them down. Some of my favourites: 'I have no time' is a big one, 'what for?' always a winner, 'there are so many better writers out there' a close second, and of course the classic 'Am I insane? English is not even my first language!'.
Truth is, I'm still fighting with that voice inside my head that tells me not to waste time on this. Luckily the voices in my head telling the stories are much louder now so I tend to listen to those instead. I realise that makes me sound like a bit of a schizophrenic, which funnily enough is the topic of one of my short stories.
Anyway, I've only written a couple so far, I'm reading a book on how to write (instead of writing, oh the irony...) and I thought if I get involved with people that may or may not share my sentiment, even if all I do is read all the wonderful stories, soak up all the talent around here and try to help out with any humble advice I may have until I work up the courage to put one of my stories out there, I figure that's better than watching TV.

I enjoy writing because

it quiets down the voices telling stories in my head

My best writing advice

too early to be giving advice, still taking it from others!

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my short stories over and over

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