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New Orleans, Louisiana

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Serena Burns

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There truly is not much to say about me, so I shall list what I can:

I am currently sixteen years old, and I am about to become a Junior in high school.
I only have one poem published at the moment, but I plan on getting many more out into the world.
I like to draw, paint, create ceramic sculptures, etc.
I am attempting to learn how to play the ukelele (though I have already failed to learn multiple other instruments).

...Well, I suppose that is it about me. ^~^

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I enjoy writing because

Writing is a way to convey all the thoughts and feelings flowing throughout your mind. It can help you breathe easier and to regain some sense of sanity. Mostly, it's a way to express the things you are just too afraid to say out loud.

My best writing advice

Writing is an art, so treat it as such. If it's beautiful to you, it will be beautiful to someone else, too.