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I'm twenty years old and I've been writing stories and poems since kindergarten. They had a new writing prompt every month at my elementary school. I wrote something for every single one. That's a story or poem every month for five years straight. This has been my passion my entire life.

I'm a sophomore in college, studying psychology. My biggest goal in life is to help as many people as I can. Psychology felt like the right way to go. Coming in as a close second to my biggest goal is publishing a novel. I'm working on it... slowly but surely.

There's two sides to me, which can probably be seen in my writing. I'm either bubbly and perky, or dark and brooding. You won't really find a middle ground.

I enjoy writing because

writing makes me feel so positive in a way that nothing else ever has. When writing I can express myself freely and say everything I want to say. Vocal words tend to fail me, but letters on a page become a way to spill my heart and soul.

My best writing advice

Say whatever you want to say. Don't be afraid of what others may think. There is no right or wrong when you express yourself

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