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Patrick Coholan

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In my free time I blog and write a little. I belong to Facebook and Twitter. I'm a Canadian turning forty and I am interested in the attention of people who are similar to me. When I was a boy I had some access to PC games, and I learned how to play them. I get a little work as a content writer and I am including an explanatory piece of writing about myself, and also a piece of work I wrote for my editor. I would like to write more and I also practice photography. I have a background in Arts & Science and some sales before I got more dedicated to life as a creative. Whether I grow my ScribeSlice account remains to be seen, as I don't know what kind of feedback I'll get.

Favorite writer

Tom Wolfe

I enjoy writing because

it cheers me up.

My best writing advice

is to devote as much time as you can to it.

I'm currently reading

Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer