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these pages upon pages which i litter with my own words are usually lies. tales i made up to pass the time; because honestly, i was never much of an artist, my dear. a four year old that had Parkinson disorder in an extremely advanced stage could probably draw a stick man better than me. so instead of painting all the pain in my third eye, i turned to the only other medium that can portray such vivid emotions; so naturally my paintbrush is a keyboard and my canvas a blank sheet of paper.

over time i became notorious for the tragedy i could write like a Shakespearean prodigy, but lost focus some where around the time i was half way to twenty. now here i am close to thirty and still scribbling about my tired tragedy.

while i'm aware of it holds me back it's just i can't seem to let go of these vices, not just yet; but i'm in the process, i think i may have found a cure. i knew long ago for me i care not for my well-being; but once my self destruction begins to affect somebody whom i in return happen to harbour feelings for, it's time to end it all or lose another chance at happiness.

if i were you i'd take all i write with a grain of salt; because remember nobody could be this sad and still truly be alive! unless they had the thickest skin or the hardest piece of jade a hearts ever been; because this much anguish weighting down every second of every day would tire out even superman.

i know it hurts to hear this but it's the truth, only liars write books. such a shock, i know, made me believe every author is just a crook. well here i am, wearing a pressed suit, a slick tie and quick tongue. my soul is naturally destructive, it has an unquenchable appetite for deviance, sin and corruption.

I enjoy writing because

it's my canvas to use and paint on; but i am terrible at drawing, so i use words like paint strokes.

My best writing advice

if you build it, they will come.

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