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A friendly hello from me to you, my fellow writers!
My name is K.M Thomson, a pen-name that stands for Kerrie M Thomson. I was a user on ScribeSlice two years ago and I left to improve my writing. I am now 16 years old and just about to start my GCSE examinations this year. However, I still have that joy of writing inside of me and the dream of becoming a published author.
In my time as a budding author, I've wrote roughly five versions of the first book of my supernatural-fantasy-dark series "Saga of the Legendary Five" which some of the older users on here may remember from before, and has now been renamed to the Elementa Series. I've also finished writing the first book of The Reaper's daughter trilogy but I am going to re-edit it to improve. Additionally, I am writing a new duo sci fi fantasy book which I have finished writing the first book, which is called Chrono, but I am going to be rewriting to add a more fantasy feel to it. I am not going to explain much about these two new books but when the first book was done last year, I joined an investment to get the book published but I pulled out for personal reasons and to improve my writing. Additionally, I need time to revise for my upcoming exams.

Name = K.M Thomson/Kerrie Thomson.
Age = 16
DoB = 19th February
Gender = Female
Likes = Writing, reading, popcorn, energy drinks, kittens, rock music, music made by two steps from hell, audiomachine and a few others, anime and manga which are Japanese graphic novels and animations.
Hates = Today's music, romance books and movies, twilight (no offense to any twilight fans, I respect your opinion of it. People who sees themselves as higher than others and shows to remorse towards those in need of their aid.

Favorite writer

J.K rowling, Darren Shan, Christopher Paolini, Anthony Horowitz

I enjoy writing because

The best part about writing- creating a world the way you want and what happens in that world.

My best writing advice

Stop and think: does the main plot of your story or novel make sense? if not, try and write a better one to make the book more exciting for the readers. It might seem hard work and maybe a waste of time, but it is worth doing.

I'm currently reading

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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