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my name is dwayne thompson also called wayne i am living in jamaica. i have been writing since age seven. at eighteen years am working on my first book i write mainly poems but also other stuff. i am willing and determined to become a writer. i have many people i look up to for inspiration most of them are already dead though but they still inspire me. marcus garvey,william shakespear,bob marley,lord byron john wyndham are just a few of the long list of people who inspires me.

posses with a talent i wish to use it the best way i know how. i have always found it easy to make friends but if those friends are leading the wrong way then i will lead my own way. this is where i have gotten most of my experiences from and i believe that at times experience is better than imagination.

i think i have an humble personality and that personality is what i have so long admired about myself, many also admire that about me but that`s the least of what i am.

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