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Stephen Bolding

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My name is Stephen, but most people call me Steve-O. I'm a Jesus Freak and a major geek. Totally didn't mean for that to rhyme... Cool! Anywho... My family is my life, without them i would lose my mind. I'm 19. Music = Life. Metal is my favorite but i love all kinds of music (except country, that's the only one i can't handle) and i enjoi singing even though i'm not the best at it. TFK is my favorite band ever, they helped me in a lot of dark times... I've dealt with a lot of crap in my life but it's made me who i am and God has brought me through everything so i can't complain. If anything what i've gone through is helping me to become a better writer and maybe one day my writings will help someone. I've screwed up plenty of times and i usually can't stand who i am but i don't really care if anyone else dislikes me. I write mostly poetry but i plan on putting a short story online soon. But anywho... I don't know what else to say here... I feel like i'm rambling... Peace out.

Favorite writer

Trevor McNevan, Sean Danielsen, Ted Dekker, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Liparulo, Bryan Davis, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Alex Flinn, James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Robert Greene, Eric Wilson, Timothy Zahn, Melanie Wells, Wayne Batson, Andrew Klavan, Augusten Burroughs, Thomas Harris, Michael Crichton

I enjoy writing because

It helps my thinking process when i write things out.

My best writing advice

Just write from deep in your heart; and ignore critics, if someone doesn't like it it doesn't matter because it's your writing not theirs.

I'm currently reading

Not much of anything besides song lyrics...

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