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Found out I liked writing in high school, and have been doing it ever since---except during periods of relapse. I am a person who has a mental illness, and yes, there is still a lot of stigma about this. I don't tell everyone, but I have decided to come "out of the closet" with this group. I am diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. It is a condition marked with periods of very low "lows", very high "highs", and periods of psychosis---breaks with reality. I write best during periods of stability, but the times of illness give me emotionall fodder and perception that most people can only imagine, but not experience. I find my writing very therapeutic. It gives me an outlet for strong moods, emotions, and perceptions.

Favorite writer

C. S. Lewis

I enjoy writing because

It is theraputic...

My best writing advice

Just do it; you learn by doing.

I'm currently reading

I , The Bible - Scribeslice

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