Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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A Weird and disturbing dream.

I was aboard some sort of craft visiting various planet...

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Just Over that Hill

There is a golden rainbow It’s not there for all to s...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

The Serene Fellowhip 1 The Green Serene Pt 3

Petra returned shortly after the rain set in with yello...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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After Everything Else Has Been Said and Done

Entry One The world was silent. No one could spea...

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

New Year’s Day 2016

It was approximately 7 a.m. Friday the 1st of January 2...

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39


SEPTEMBER MORN ... 2015 Spring is in the air, but it h...

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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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Poetry: Part II

I've always hated the phrase "Command of language". La...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
Recommendations: 5

What is a Human but Words of Smoke?

It's hard to imagine what a life is like, outside of te...

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Rohith Nair Rohith Nair
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reading book is good habit

The statement that reading is a good habit is a self-ob...

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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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A Fallen Star

“Nope, but thanks for the bruise on my arm. I totally...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Murder in the Senseless

I saw the face of a young man, lying in a pool of bloo...

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Harley Bailey Harley Bailey
Recommendations: 29


I don't know who I am. I don't know what my name is....

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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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I don’t like having my window open. I don’t want to...

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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
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If only you could walk my way, And hear the sounds I he...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

Catch Your Eye

You were walking by the sea, lost in your own dream I ...

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Sam Lingham Sam Lingham
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If you want to write great stories, you need to have gr...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

Being Too Descriptive

On Being Too Descriptive Writers often make this mista...

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
Recommendations: 30

Author's Clog

Here I sit My pen in hand A fresh blank page Glaring up...

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23


It is not that I have written this with any pre-thought...

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Jason Dookeran Jason Dookeran
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I remember how her eyes flashed when we met. She had a ...

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