Donovan Alexis Donovan Alexis
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In Memory Of The Fallen

Lest we be forgotten, In times of hardship and sadness;...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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It's late at night.You're alone in a sprawling building...

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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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My True Love, My Dearest Breeze

Verse 1 I'm writing this song just for you, So you may ...

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Kumaresh Jeyapal Kumaresh Jeyapal
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And it is all said as life

Be it a love,Pour like a rain Be it a danger,Prove you...

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Brooklynn Fox Brooklynn Fox
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The little family of 6.

Okay hello I am Brooklynn and my boyfriend is cj and we...

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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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Another punch. Another punch. I can hear my bones, be...

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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I write not these words to be reviewed or even sought. ...

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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Untold Story

When your book is written, As will be mine. What will...

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Nancy Oyula Nancy Oyula
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Deflowered and Tainted

Her miniature eyes stared at the setting sun, Her smal...

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Nancy Oyula Nancy Oyula
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Ode To Poe

Allow me write, inscribe peachy words under your sublim...

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Leila Gonzalez Leila Gonzalez
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She had these wonderful brown eyes that made my heart m...

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