Aj John Aj John
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70 degree weather

I feel here but my soul is pulling away from me. I'm si...

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Michael Vance Michael Vance
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Chapter One THE OLD COMPTON STREET MURDER It was mid-au...

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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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She dyes her hair, in all different colours one minute ...

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Aj John Aj John
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Screaming Lungs

When we first met he could barley contain himself, his ...

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Ben johnson Bulac Ben johnson Bulac
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The Steadfast Soldier

I stand by your side each night, With wooden sword and ...

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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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Under Moonlight

I am terrified of flying moths. Stationary, they don’...

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Benjamin Crosby Benjamin Crosby
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Valentines in Oblivion

I once was a child of the arrow and the song. First a p...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Down Through the Years

Down through the years He chased me cause I wasn`t alw...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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A Shell

I could have been anything. The ground I walked quake...

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Paul Day Paul Day
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Escape From The Dark Queen


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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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Love Unapologetic

I tell you each time we meet I am yours, And our love i...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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Forgiveness is not a virtue i seek

lately, i find i need to concentrate all my strength to...

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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Just another leg Of discovery Under sunny skies and sta...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Inchy and the Owl Part Four

“Thank you for a job well done,” said the Sun, prep...

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Alexis Nightingale Alexis Nightingale
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In the beginning there were six beings. These beings he...

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Richard Davidson Richard Davidson
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Family Plot

1 - October is here and betwixt night and d...

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