Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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My 6 Word Story

A lonely man. Does it dream?

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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6 Word Story

You answer questions. I question answers.

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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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A Day In the Life

I wake up in my bed. My alarm clock blaring music from ...

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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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Loveless marriage needs spice. Double homicide.

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Wendy Minnah Wendy Minnah
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A picture on the wall, beautiful A finished pottery art...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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If I Was Only Lonely

If I was only lonely instead of blue I’d turn a blin...

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Rebekah Day Rebekah Day
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The Walking Dead: A New Day - Part 1

Episode One – A New Day He sits, shoulders down, hea...

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Vaibhav Lamba Vaibhav Lamba
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India which is one of the largest country in the world ...

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Gardenia c. Hung Gardenia c. Hung
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Lilac Town Steals Lombard Historic Real Estate P...

The eldest Daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung has not receive...

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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
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The City of Peace and Plenty

Somewhere deep in the mountains, where no man had ventu...

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Past Week   Past Month   All Time
Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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These are simple sentences. Sentences made of simple wo...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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all you get to keep is the journey.

I fail to find a flaw inside her beauty, her laughter m...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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My 6 Word Story

Dreaming Of An...

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Sara Smith Sara Smith
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Who am I?

When the mist has cleared and the years have passed, ...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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In The Shadow of the Vampire

Chapter 1 - DEMI Paris, Midnight She was only ...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Kiki the Tiger Monkey Part Three

“His name’s Goofus, Mr Owl,” explained Kiki with ...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
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HarborStone Part Two

Others rose to present their cases. Unlike Jasok, they ...

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