Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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magic no more

My child's innocence was lost once what appeared magica...

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Jordan Hewitt Jordan Hewitt
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Firewatch: A Spark - Part 1

So here I am, finally putting this typewriter to use. I...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Fenton and the Dusty Fragments Part One

Abigale swept the last of the shattered fragments into ...

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Sierra Winchester Sierra Winchester
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Late Night Escapades

He walked into the quaint loft only to be greeted by si...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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i think the sweetest sound i know is her breathi...

It's quite a shame that the day we met I barely remembe...

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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Senior School

Oh my god look at Leanne I'm about to lose control sexy...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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takes all my self control to keep it together ea...

even though i never did appear to care you should know ...

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Ze Opifex Ze Opifex
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The lonely forum and bustling peace that are only found...

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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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The Party Sequel #3

Shawn needed money. The cab ride to Barrhaven was...

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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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In Roach’s backyard we are all standing in a ci...

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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I write not these words to be reviewed or even sought. ...

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