Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Dirty Low Down

I never mean it to start this way, but it always seems ...

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Neal Shanncappo Neal Shanncappo
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The Longest Dawn

They’re fighting again, she thought as she clim...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

I Sat On My Dead Grandmother - A True Story

I was twelve when my Grandmother (my father’s m...

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Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 37

I think I am dying...

What would one say, if they thought their life was over...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
Recommendations: 5

Diary of Christopher Days- Passage III

Hey Diary. It's been two weeks. I keep disappeari...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
Recommendations: 5

Diary of Christopher Days- Passage II

Hey Diary. Sorry I haven't really been writing th...

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Raven Roads Raven Roads
Recommendations: 5

Diary of Christopher Days

Hey diary. Guess it's been a while since we've ta...

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Alex Makridakis Alex Makridakis
Recommendations: 6

The Dance

Man, solitary confinement is the shit. Wait up, I'm ge...

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Rebekah Day Rebekah Day
Recommendations: 21

The Walking Dead: A New Day - Part 1

Episode One – A New Day He sits, shoulders down, hea...

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Gardenia c. Hung Gardenia c. Hung
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Lilac Town Steals Lombard Historic Real Estate P...

The eldest Daughter of Mr. Roberto Hung has not receive...

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Rebekah Day Rebekah Day
Recommendations: 21


I don’t like having my window open. I don’t want to...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 41

Being Too Descriptive

On Being Too Descriptive Writers often make this mista...

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Marc Cram Marc Cram
Recommendations: 1

I Cried the Day My Testicles Died

There's a deadly karate- ninja attack called, "Monkey S...

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Stephen Bolding Stephen Bolding
Recommendations: 11

Faker (Dear ____)

You know you're a fake, your life is just a game. But y...

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Benjamin Crosby Benjamin Crosby
Recommendations: 12

Flirting with a Girl Called Danger

I’m deep in the mist of uncertain times. Her eyes are...

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
Recommendations: 18


My mind will not allow me to think in positive ways. Th...

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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
Recommendations: 12

A Call for Destruction

The sounds of woodwork creaking, Crescendoed in my ears...

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Paul Day Paul Day
Recommendations: 14

The Dream is Over

The dream I dreamed is over now, All dreaming’s at an...

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Esmeralda Di lopez Esmeralda Di lopez
Recommendations: 2

Wounded dolls

Rotting on the inside, but we have never looked more be...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Shadow Dance

Their story cast a shadow On fine white linen drapes Pl...

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