Rebekah King Rebekah King
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My Weird Dream

I had an insane dream the other night. It seemed to hav...

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Gardenia c. Hung Gardenia c. Hung
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Roberto Hung's Labor Day Celebration On Septembe...

The Village of Lombard set up Roberto Hung’s Labor Da...

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Mac Smith Mac Smith
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Dead Boy

Postscript: "disaster seems to agree with you dead boy"...

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Angelica Ramirez Angelica Ramirez
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Wrong Direction

The world in the wrong direction.. We're heading to des...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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Demise of a Fool in Folly

Pursued by my last breath Death causes it more labor Sa...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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A Nonsensical Dream

Late last night the sky exploded I don’t have a clue ...

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Bhaskar Thakuria Bhaskar Thakuria
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Phases of stillness, The undignified presence Of my own...

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Bhaskar Thakuria Bhaskar Thakuria
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Fragrant ecstasies bedecked My wilful conscience- And i...

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Myles Kridler Myles Kridler
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My Dear Friend

The weight is too much, My friend, My dear friend, Y...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Elegiac Whisperings of Life and Death

Don't tell me that you're the first one to have your he...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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A Weird and disturbing dream.

I was aboard some sort of craft visiting various planet...

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