Michael Starr Michael Starr
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Fun Things to Do When People Are Yelling at Each...

military boots Imagine the thunder of your favorite au...

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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Through a Glass Dimly

This is my attempt at humor. I hope that it is funny. ...

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Jason Tryhard Jason Tryhard
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This is Fantasy

This is the world built on the ashes of the past. Like ...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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Ch- 2 - They Used To Be The Living

Chapter 2 It was happening all over the world...

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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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As the waves of billowing thunder rolled across the sle...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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They Used To Be the Living

They Used To Be the Living Chapter 1 Topeka Bay...

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Kerrie Thomson Kerrie Thomson
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Oh you could call me mad...

Oh you could call me mad. Or insane. Or 'L'homme fou' a...

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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Coming Light

What lies in the heart of the night? Bed---the l...

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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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Or So I Thought : Chapter 1 - Maria

Maria sat at her dining room table thinking for a...

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Daisha Woodson Daisha Woodson
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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Pt.7

A deep ripple of laughter from behind me tore my ears a...

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Jason Dookeran Jason Dookeran
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I remember how her eyes flashed when we met. She had a ...

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Georgina Connor Georgina Connor
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Lilith By Georgina Connor Chapter One Where do va...

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Evie Walter Evie Walter
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horror haiku

minds of twisted killers, bent on spreading horror, wit...

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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My mind will not allow me to think in positive ways. Th...

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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Merry Chrismas, Joe, wherever you are.

Based on a true story. I know when I’ve been bad and...

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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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At Night - Part 1

As soon as I arrived, I could sense that something was ...

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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Letters From 213

I want to tell you secrets. You’re going to listen. ...

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Annette Keachie Annette Keachie
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Darkness Within

Embracing the darkness, as I feel numb, blinded by sor...

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Stephen Bolding Stephen Bolding
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I'm scared to sleep, I'm scared to dream. I'm scared I'...

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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What if your worst fear were true? I awake. I sense...

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