Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
Recommendations: 16

I Wait

When I was very young I watched for the rain. A chanc...

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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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From Soils Grown

Forever then always grown tall and stern Ever becoming ...

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Dazzy Blue Dazzy Blue
Recommendations: 11

Secret Garden

The cloak of fog pulls her in She feels the cool wetnes...

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Maddie P. Maddie P.
Recommendations: 10

Two Feet

Twenty-four inches away, that's where you lay, Near to ...

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
Recommendations: 16

Thank The Music

The music opens a gate, And notes give words a path to...

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
Recommendations: 16

The End

I hurt you. I did not understand. Again I did this to...

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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Feelings, are very important when you have feelings for...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
Recommendations: 12

A Raven, She Arises

A raven, she arises, a stone’s throw from my door A p...

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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
Recommendations: 10

A Truth of Ideals

They say we must all know truth. Unescapable, like the ...

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29


“George” bugs crawling across the window pains of ...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 44

Murder in the Senseless

I saw the face of a young man, lying in a pool of bloo...

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
Recommendations: 30

Author's Clog

Here I sit My pen in hand A fresh blank page Glaring up...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

For Charlie

For Charlie When the shadow fades, you’ll be in Heav...

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Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
Recommendations: 12


If only you could walk my way, And hear the sounds I he...

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 21


It is not that I have written this with any pre-thought...

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

I Never Forgot About You

The very first time I saw her I was delivering a packag...

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Kitchera Hicks Kitchera Hicks
Recommendations: 11

soul mates

I was walking alone. I had been crushed. My soul had be...

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Jan Summer Jan Summer
Recommendations: 19


The world reflected in her eyes she calmly stares up at...

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
Recommendations: 23

Walk The Quiet Road

Walk the quiet road, stop to say a prayer. Mom and Dad...

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Paul Day Paul Day
Recommendations: 14

I Know a Man in Pain

I know a man in pain, You all know him as well. He fell...

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