Jim Miller Jim Miller
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Look into my eyes What do you see? A lighter shade of...

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Shastie King Shastie King
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Theres Got to be better

Stones and bricks wouldn't hurt as much as this. The de...

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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 42

Shadow Dance

Their story cast a shadow On fine white linen drapes Pl...

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
Recommendations: 15

A New Friend

I am looking again. How do I start? Aware of the need f...

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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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Roses are red, violets are blue sugar is sweet and so w...

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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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Bridges Hold Pain

She s l o w l y walked the walk of surrender that many ...

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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Dulcet Eccentric Smart Impatient Respectful Enigma Ethi...

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Paul Butters Paul Butters
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Paradise Found

One day I found myself in Paradise, Completely out the ...

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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 16

Shadows of a gunslinger

Shadows of a gunslinger Staggering back and forth Shad...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
Recommendations: 7

Tongues of Torment

The tongue is as sharp as a blade. It sinks far deeper ...

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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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They've strung up your face on canvas carved in glass a...

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Nikki Coble Nikki Coble
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Puzzle Piece

I am a puzzle piece. A puzzle piece that does not belon...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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been a while, i'm sorry; but i've been on a long...

We had been noting but mere children acting older than ...

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