Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Slow Love

Slow rejection, the fingers that curl like pliable bone...

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Aj John Aj John
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There's something about him that my soul needs. His Pur...

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Ben johnson Bulac Ben johnson Bulac
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The Steadfast Soldier

I stand by your side each night, With wooden sword and ...

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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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Under Moonlight

I am terrified of flying moths. Stationary, they don’...

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Down Through the Years

Down through the years He chased me cause I wasn`t alw...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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A Shell

I could have been anything. The ground I walked quake...

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
Recommendations: 7

Her Gift To Us

The dreams that last forever Are lost beneath the tide...

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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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You can always get there anyway

Today my fingers feel like silk and the sky is infinite...

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Nancy Oyula Nancy Oyula
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I Would

I would If I could, I would. Sing mellifluous melod...

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Nancy Oyula Nancy Oyula
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So cold I feel, A little warmth I need, I look back a...

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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These are simple sentences. Sentences made of simple wo...

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Jordan Newman Jordan Newman
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all you get to keep is the journey.

I fail to find a flaw inside her beauty, her laughter m...

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Sara Smith Sara Smith
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Who am I?

When the mist has cleared and the years have passed, ...

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