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New Profile Photo

Was getting a little tired of my profile pic so decided to change it. The photo shows me a few years (or so) ago before I started dying my hair dark with silver highlights.

Leslie Blackwell

1st October 2014

You look a little like my uncle Jimmy.

Jordan Hewitt

30th September 2014

Great photo Leslie.

Davide Castel

1st October 2014

I hope your uncle Jimmy is as good looking as I am Jordan.

Thank you Davidel, thought it was a better photo than the other one I was using.

Leslie Blackwell

1st October 2014

This is a nice photo, Leslie, you look scholarly and yet mischievous.

Warren Gates

1st October 2014

Part mischievous part drunk I think.

Leslie Blackwell

2nd October 2014

Like the new Picture Leslie.

Deborah Boydston

12th October 2014

always good to keep things fresh

Leslie Blackwell

13th October 2014

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