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How do you put your work on this website.

I recently joined this group and have no idea how to transfer my writing from office online. I had a vague idea when I used the normal Microsoft word but I recently bought a new computer that didn't provide Microsoft word and I don't want to purchase it as I'm a bit tight and it's £5.99 a month. I don't see why should pay for something I once got for nothing. I've learned how to comment in the body of people's work but it won't let me join in the discussions at the end as only half the page is visible and I can't get the missing bit on. Oh dear.

Susan Stone

27th February 2015

Susan, I think you need to address this with Jon Paul...he is the moderator of this site.

to contact him ...go to the bottom of this page...find on it.

this will show you all the community leaders and Jon on his name...this will bring you to his personal page where you will find comments and messages...write your problem on his message link , addressing what you say your problem is ...if your problem is fixable ...Jon Paul will get back to you.

hope I have helped .

Leonard a. Wronke

11th March 2015

Hi Susan, sorry to hear about the hassles you are experiencing with Scribeslice and Microsoft word etc. However all is not lost.
There are other free word processing programs you can use such as Openspace Writer or even if you wish the Microsoft worldpad which comes free with your computer - have a look at the following link for more ideas.

When posting a story/poem/article etc to Scribeslice you have several things to consider.

1) There needs to be a space between each paragraph for readers to leave their comments. When you copy paste something from Microsoft word documents (not sure if it is the same for other programs) that spacing between the paragraphs disappears so you need to double space between each paragraph.

2)There is a 10,000 character limit assigned to each story/article etc you post. Thus if your work has over this number it will not be able to publish it on the website. Don't panic, after you have saved the document, open it on Scribeslice and you will see a text box at the bottom of the document where you can continue adding more of what you have written, as well as another under that should you require it. (most processing programs have a word/character count which can be beneficial)

3) if your piece does exceed 10,000 characters then you will find that you no longer have room for editing. This can be overcome by deleting what you have posted and repasting it again, taking care to omit the start of the last paragraph you were going to post. This will leave you more room should you need to re-edit it at a later stage.

4) Bear in mind that it is essential to motivate your potential reading audience to read what you have written. Sometimes longer posts can be a little daunting to read and often shorter stories/poems etc attract more readers. Though that is not to say a well written longer post wont get its fair share of praise.

I hope this has been of some help to you. If you require any further assistance do not hesitate to ask.

Leslie Blackwell

12th March 2015

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