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Rebooting Scribeslice

Hi everyone.

As has been mentioned by quite a few of the Scibeslice community there is a noticeable Lull in activity, compared to what it once was.

One of the ways I was thinking of to reboot entusiasm would be to get a few "Challenges" (as they used to be called) going. These are mini competitions that motivate people to write more often, and are open to anyone who feels they want to contribute.

For instance there might be a challenge to write a 200 word flash ficiton peice that incorperated certain words.

I was wondering if anyone would be keen for this to happen. Usually these challenges rewarded certain prizes for the winner. That is something that would have to be looked into, discussed and agreed to.

Leslie Blackwell

23rd March 2016

Frankly, this is a brilliant idea. A lot of problems with writing, at least in my case, stem from lack of motivation or direction. Even if it's just the same dozen or so people participating in every competition, it'll help saturate the site with good stories.

Alex Makridakis

23rd March 2016

Great idea Leslie, I have thought about doing some challenges many times, but time commitments to my classes have been an issue. I have finished several of my classes so more of my time has been freed up. I would be more than happy to help you with any challenges you might want to start.

Deborah Boydston

23rd March 2016

I couldn't agree more. I am still limited with my time due to working full-time and now taking on a full study program will make it difficult but would be a desired distraction from all that goes on in life. I have not submitted any writing for some time as I have been finalizing the details of my latest book as well. I do drop in from time to time and read a piece here and there and offer my opinions on various works but there does seem to be a lack of energy. It used to be vibrant with all types of literary styles. I found that the site was getting darker and less of a beacon of light for me. As a grieving person, I tend to look for stories that lift or at the very least stimulate the mind in a positive way.

I have always enjoyed the writing prompts and the way Deborah gives us a meaning for a particular word along with several suggestions for usage. Further to this, I always enjoy reading the submissions for those prompts. It opens the mind to other viewpoints and perceptions. I find this extremely useful as a writer as it opens so many doors in the thought process of a writer.
That's my two cents worth!

Cindy Beitinger

25th March 2016

Thank you Cindy for the compliment. I slowed down on the writing prompts for two reason the first was time, I was working and taking classes in theology, and English. The second was that I was not getting much of a response.

Didn't know you found meaning in them so now that my time has feed up I will start some new writing prompts and try to be more consistent with them.

Deborah Boydston

25th March 2016

Personally, I don't think the problem with Scribeslice is a lack of content or of writing...

The problem with Scribeslice is that there is no incentive for users to interact with each other's work.

There is more than enough writing on the site already that hasn't been touched. It's just that no one wants to read it or interact with it.

If you have more writing on the site, I doubt that will really mitigate the above problem.

With all of that being said, I'm not opposed to the idea you have presented and looking forward to it :D

Taylor Lanson

31st March 2016

I am new here but would b open to writing challenges to breathe life back into the site. :-)

Writer One

14th April 2016

Writer one. There are currently two writing prompts under groups-Writing Prompts. Give it a try!
Thank you Deborah for your efforts. They always inspire me and kick start my creativity!

Cindy Beitinger

14th April 2016

I spent 5 years hashing through a divorce and it was consuming. I had so much emotion rolling around yet had no desire to write any of it. I missed all of you so much though, and checked in on occasion. I am finally feeling the stirring to create again. I'll start out reading and commenting, I think, until it becomes stronger. Yes, contests help. Ideas help. I have found in the past that the most effective things were images. One image can inspire months of creation. Do we have a way to post any?

Summer Breeze

13th November 2016

I know Asma had figured out a way to post images but I am not sure how she did it. There should be a thread on here about it. She did post information some time ago about it.

Cindy Beitinger

1st December 2016

Hi All, sorry for the technical issues with SS - I think I fixed them! I will post instructions on how to post images in a different post - welcome back!

Jon paul Janze

28th January 2017

it appears that i may be the only one seeing your reply.

it has been a few days since this site was active.

whenever i tried to access i was told that i should try again at a later date.

Leonard a. Wronke

29th January 2017

Hi Leonard, yes, I didn't realize it but there was a problem with the server 'cache' system. It would show the first page, but upon trying to go to a second page, the system wouldn't allow it. I have since fixed it so hopefully everyone will figure it out soon enough.

Jon Paul

Jon paul Janze

30th January 2017

since I see no activity at all here even after the "fix" I am worried that there will not be any others to read or write here any time soon.

Leonard a. Wronke

31st January 2017

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