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Something that has been on my mind for a while

I know this is a fairly inane subject but there is something that I often read in books, on the web and hear during conversations. That is "I myself would never..." or "We ourselves are quite are also pleased that..."

Do you think grammatically speaking that using two words in the same sentence to speak about one person, or persons is okay. I ask you this because I am not completely sure I fully understand all the rules relating to proper grammar. Perhaps this is just a figure of speech that has crept into our everyday vocabulary. Who knows, I myself probably use it all the time without realising it.

What are your opinions?

One of my main reasons for bringing this up is so that I can have a clearer understanding of where I stand should I wish to highlight this (what I assume) to be an error when I am commenting on someone's post. I would hate to give out erroneous advice.

Leslie Blackwell

4th May 2016

Sorry for the late reply, but I believe I can answer your question. It is grammatically sound to say "I myself" or "we ourselves" in writing. It can be argued that the wording is redundant, but such construction is usually used for effect by drawing emphasis to the subject of the sentence as opposed to the object or verb. It wouldn't be considered incorrect grammar, though.

Taylor Lanson

22nd June 2016

I myself also agree as well, too.

Leslie Blackwell

25th June 2016

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