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Living in Wellington New Zealand earthquakes become almost a part of life and most time you don;t really pay much attention to them but the one we expiernced this morning was a little out of the ordinary and court me by surprise.

I was woken just after 12:03am to a slight shaking which seemed nothing to be alarmed about but then it settled slightly and was joined by a deep rumbling. Next thing I knew the room was being shaken with more intensity than I had ever experienced before. Ornaments slipped off the shelves, a photo frame dropped to the ground and was smashed as a large mirror fell onto it. Nicknacks were tossed around as if by some kid in the midst of a tantrum.

It shook for about ten seconds then died down, then came back to life and finally stopped. It had only lasted about 30 seconds but caused a fair bit of chaos. Checked Geonet (wedsite that deals with New Zealand Earthquakes) and found it had been registered as a 6.6 which seemed strange as we had had one of those a couple of years ago but no where as extreme. Later it was updated to a 7.5 which is not insubstantial - not too far off the size of the 1904 San fransico quake.

After shocks lasted through the wee hours of the morning, some in the law 5's others reaching past 6.
Didn't get much sleep. The aftershocks are still contuning. Just have to wait and see. Presently just to rub salt into the wound so to speak we are having a heavy downpour of rain.

Oh glorious day, oh happy day

Leslie Blackwell

14th November 2016

At least you are ok, and that's the important thing.

Summer Breeze

16th November 2016

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