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Can And start the title

This may sound like a silly question (though I suppose this is why Scribeslice has an open forum) but is it generally acceptable to have a story title starting with the word "And"? For example "And then there were three" or "And So it begins".

I am presently working on a story (can't give out the plot details just yet) that I am considering entitling "And Fernando made three".

What are your views? I would appreciate your input.

Leslie Blackwell

3rd March 2013

I think it is fine to start with And.

Cindy Beitinger

2nd March 2013

I cant remember seeing anything like this, a title in this fashion
i say go for it :)

Aaron Greene

3rd March 2013

alphabetically in book releases it will be early.

The title is a consideration

And if it a readable book

John Ramsbottom

3rd March 2013

Agatha Christie wrote "And then there were None" !!!

Don Yarber

3rd March 2013

Don...I was going to say the same thing.

I think that yes, it could work and it would make an impact, if written in a way to attract!

'AND in the beginning of time...'
'AND so be it!'
'AND then, he killed'

Just at the top of my head, only.

Davide Castel

4th March 2013

Thank you for your imput Cindy, Aaron, John, Do and Lucy (and of course Agatha Christie)

Glad to hear there are other stories that start with And.

I'm still in the planning stages but I'll let all know when its finshed. Turning into one of those long winded stories so might have to break it into several parts or one conmplex story. See how it goes.

Leslie Blackwell

4th March 2013

And now the end i near.....and so Iface the final curtain

great at crematoriums as a send off but great beginning for a reflective flash back narrative.

I'm sure there is a song there somewhere

John Ramsbottom

3rd March 2013

And so it should be published - as one of your masterpieces. :)

Asma Ahsan

4th March 2013

Thankyou Amsa It will be equal to tolkien at his best, though which particular Tolkien I am not sure. Perhaps one of his second cousins twice removed, neighbour's, great uncle's nephew's imaginary friend.

Good one John, I'm sure Frank Sinatra and the Sex Pistols would both be glad you mentioned that song. And speaking of songs...

and the green grass grew all around all around. And the green grass grew all around.
(anyone rememeber that song?)

Once upon a time there was pretty little bird the prettiest bird you ever did see.
The bird was on the twig, the twig was on the branch, the branch was on the tree, the tree was in a hole, the hole was in the ground and the green grass grew all around all around. And the green grass grew all around. etc

Leslie Blackwell

4th March 2013

BARNEY sings it daily in my home as my kid is addicted to it. I hear it in my dreams too as we repeat it so many times. :)

Asma Ahsan

5th March 2013

Part one of "And Fenando makes Three" has been uploaded onto Scribeslice. Please read, enjoy and post your comments, either positive or otherwise.

Leslie Blackwell

10th March 2013

"And" can certainly start a sentence, a title, or a new line in a poem. It is a conjunction, so should be used sparingly for starting sentences or a title. Using "and" in this way is usually done for emphasis of impact. "But" can also be used in this way, however, it should also be used sparingly.

Paul Day

9th March 2013

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