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Dark Forces at play or just a bad coincidence

Something that might evoke a bit of Discussion (maybe)

As you all are probably aware I have been working on an online book called “And Fernando Makes Three”. Part 14 accounted a nightmare that the main character Levi was having and mentioned a summoning spell for a demon named Balthazar. It was something I found on the web and just copied down to give the story an air of authenticity as the words uttered were the same as the instructions had mentioned.

Anyway I uploaded this to Scribe Slice on the 19th of July 2013. Three days later (21st July) Wellington experienced its biggest recorded earthquake for over fifty years – a 6.4 along with a string of quite strong aftershocks. There was apparently another even bigger earthquake the following month – force 6.6. So far since I published part 14 there have been 6 severe shakes =6.4 (21/7/13) 6.6 (16/8/13) 5.4 (16/8/13) 5.5( 16/8/13) and a 6.0 (16/8/13) as well as a 5.1 a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps it is not wise to fool around with dark forces you never know whose wrath you might incur. On the other hand it is probably just a co-incidence. What do you think?

Leslie Blackwell

8th September 2013

I dont know if you can relate to this but here is my knowledge of the subject.

In my faith, spells are magic and magic is forbidden. We are not allowed to even read a spell if we find it lying somewhere as the words of a spell always have some kind of effect that is negative.

I never even open a page on the internet if I know that there is a spell in it. To counter black magic, there are things in my Holy book, The Quran, that I read to stay safe from it as it works like a forcefield.

If you ask my advice, I believe one should never tamper with spells even for a laugh, and if possible, try to stay away from someone who practices spells and black magic.

My Book certifies that magic exists and that is is practiced but it says that the one practicing it is not counted as a believer any more since black magic is connected to Satan, not God.

That is a religious point of view from my end.

If you think of it in a scientific way, its all mumbo jumbo, so one shouldnt think much of it.

Personally, I dont think pasting a spell from a website can cause a major earthquake, so sorry to disappoint you there as I dont think you caused it, but if you reproduce a dark spell it may harm you in your personal life.

I am afraid of the damage black magic can do to me and my family, so I just pray to God to keep us protected, and never try to explore it in any way.

It's a good idea to make up false spells that mean nothing instead of copying real stuff that may have some sort of hidden force behind it. It's best to let those in this field deal with it and just stay away from it all. That way you wont incur the wrath of anyone.

In my knowledge, the dark forces know that the good forces or white forces :) also exist so I guess they are pretty used to sharing the universe with them as well by just keeping out of each other's territories.

Asma Ahsan

7th September 2013

You don't have to worry about it Leslie, unless you WANT it to be true that you had something to do with it. Coincidences happen ALL the time, most of them go unnoticed. Some people purposely look for them in order to garner some selfish attention. (Which I know isn't true in your case :) )

New Zealand sits one a very active part of the plates there. ANYONE could make some kind of divine excuse as to your finding some silly spell and the timing of your posting stuff. It happens all the time.

Quantumly speaking, we each make our realities as we see it. We as a whole make everything we see around us. Even enough people meditating one something can have a controlled effect of reality. It was proven in DC back in the 90's when 4000 people meditated in lowering crime there by 25%, and it did. No divine entity, human thought did it. Something like a series of planned out earthquakes would take quite a few people to shake this world.

So don't worry about it Leslie. Post whatever you feel works for your book. And ignore those who would force you to believe otherwise. :D

Aaron Greene

10th September 2013

This is an interesting discussion. I tend to agree with Aaron. No worries Leslie you do a good job with your writing. Please continue.

Deborah Boydston

13th September 2013

It's like when you go and buy a new car. You buy it because you don't seem many of them. You get the keys and you start driving and all of sudden everyone else has your car. We just draw our attention to something we hadn't noticed before.

Cindy Beitinger

13th September 2013

thank you all for your comments

Leslie Blackwell

14th September 2013

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