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Saswati Kashyap Saswati Kashyap
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She had a friend.

      Stop him! Just stop, no excuses…fast, I say!! Peter yells, struggling with his bullet pierced right leg. He tries to move forth, but alas! He gets shot in the left leg too. Now, he is lying unmoved in a pool of blood, red like the juice of a freshly cut tomato….

Really!! It’s so strange, I mean how such commonplace terms like injury or blood can be immensely disturbing once they get attached to one’s own self. Peter and his soldiers, who do not seem to understand any other language besides violence and bloodshed, are shaken now by the boomerang effect!!

The University of Uganda (Africa) which was known for its restricted environment those days, an occurrence of this nature was a rarity for sure. Yes, it was during those days when even a bird without permission was not allowed an entry, but Maxwell-Max for short, showed the guts to unsettle Peter and his group to the bone.

It was a chilly August morning and a Sunday—I intend to stress on the day being a Sunday because apart from the spectacle wearing book worms or the garden loving miserly romantic ones, a Sunday morning in the varsity campus does not seem welcoming at all for the otherwise ‘normal’ bunch of students. And Max, who does not fulfil any of the above criteria, leaves enough room for suspicion!!... On top of that, this boy in his late teens, invades an entirely sealed compound, enteres inside the library and intends to make an exit with a box in his hand… It was then that Peter tried to deter him and he retaliated, much to the other’s shock and surprise, mixed with anger.

Just a matter of a second and everything is turned topsy-turvy. Peter, one of the most powerful men in the government’s army is bleeding and lying in the ground now, haplessly. And Peter’s equally powerful soldiers are running after a young boy, though not young in his exploits.

‘Hey you! Stop. What the hell do you think you are up to?’

Max turned around, and found himself besieged by a group of armed men, all pointing their guns toward him!

Trying to make things easy, Max replied precisely—
‘Just doing my job.’

‘Oh really! So that’s your f****** job! Now take it from us then.’

Max was about to be torn apart by an array of bullet shots, but he gathered his voice and said—
‘My job, I mean the job of a treasure hunter!’

‘To hell with treasure hunt!! Do we look like fools to you?’

‘Not an inch,soldiers.Trust me, I am a treasure hunter and I succeeded once again. Look, look at this box full oh treasure ….I traced it, yeah! I did it!! Like I have been doing always….’

-----‘Max, Max!! Wake up; it’s already 10 o’ clock….. I’m getting late for my theatre class, aren’t you coming with me, Max??...’
Max’s elder sister Sissy tries to wake him up, and he murmurs in a trance---

‘I did it; this is the box of treasure. See…I… did!!’

‘Gosh! Max, the crazy treasure hunter in his wonderland, again!!’
Sissy closes the door after him and leaves.

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