Tina Bart Tina Bart
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I love this!!!!! very good..you feel very deeply my dear...hugs

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Wow, Tina... I do not know why you are saying this. This is only words to me.

Paul Butters Paul Butters
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I trust this is NOT from memory, but from a Very fertile imagination Leonard. Most impressive write.

Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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no, Paul...this is from reading a great deal with poetic license thrown in. I think I may have it correct since not one female here contradicted me regarding accuracy. I say this because who but a female who goes through child birth and would know about the process.

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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
Recommendations: 23

LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL

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She had a friend.

      The dimness around me is stark, unreal.
      Have to keep my eyes shut until the absence of form, shape is resolved.
      The only noise - a steady fluttering that sounds like a full decibel level lullaby
      The wetness surrounding me is sticky; has a strange, pungent essence.
      At my touch, the little I can feel in this semi-darkness, is a warm, syrupy texture.

      Know I have been here for quite awhile; noticing subtle changes as time has moved along.
      First, came no light of any kind(could I have had my eyes covered)then noticed it was not a
      total absence of light, only a diminishing of the little light that was present.
      Next, came the sound of water of which I seemed to be immersed which is, in fact, the
      stickiness I am, now, sensing.
      Have not had time to figure out the fluttering, know that after time it is very soothing  
     Do feel the need to make my presence known.
     I kick at the nearest obstruction I sense at my feet.
     The wall I lash out at takes my blow, seems to absorb it, finally, returning to its original
     No matter how many times I try, it never breaks, never changes.
     It is maddening that I am all alone.
     I feel I have somewhere I need to be, but where.

     Suddenly, I feel the area around me commence to expand, bringing with it a sense of
     urgency; then it stops, gets smaller, continues for what seems an eternity.
     As it increases, becoming almost more than I can tolerate, I see a bright, eye-searing orb
     of brightness a small ways away from me; looking for all the world like a tunnel.
     Why have I not seen this before now; what has changed.
     The question is never to be answered.

     The sticky wetness begins to move me forward towards the tunnel mouth.
     The fluttering, I hear, becomes an overpowering boom, boom ,boom.
     I sense I must follow the flow as it streams ever closer to the tunnel's end.
     As I draw nearer to the tunnel's edge, I sense that the tranquil light that had encompassed
     me has joined with the savage orb of blinding light.
     The closer I near the tunnel's mouth, I hear a chorus of mixed sounds-muttering as if voices
     all around me are speaking at once, utterings as of wind, machinery.
     Glimpses of green-clad ghosts hovering just outside the tunnel's boundary.
     I feel something grasp my head; helping the flow pull me ever nearer to the tunnel's end.

     I try not to allow it to pull me.
     Twisting, turning, I cry out with everything in my lungs.
     It is impossible. The more I fight the harder I am pulled.
     Finally, having reached the tunnel's edge, I try one last time to not follow where I am  
     being pulled.
     It is an exhausting few minutes.
     I continue to cry out during the whole process.
     Finally, with all my strength almost depleted, I feel one last pull.
     There is a loud, final whoosh of air; a deafening pop as I am extricated from the tunnel.
     Whatever had been grasping my head,is now cradling my whole body, touching every crevice,
     further releasing me from the tunnel's grasp, until, lastly, my feet are no longer in the
     sticky fluid.

     After moments of adjusting to this new experience,I feel a warming softness nuzzling me.
     The dimness slowly fading from my consciousness.
     I feel loved.
     Ready to start my new life. 4 comments

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