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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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My Dog April

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soul mates

If one of your pets has died, you'll know how I felt when I wrote this.

MY DOG, APRIL               By Don Yarber  1-24-04

Collies are a faithful breed
She followed where I went.
Even when I tried to hide
She found me by my scent.
I’d sneak off to the pond
To catch a bass or two
Here she’d come, dragging a stick
Like she was fishing too.
I’d take my bow and walk a mile
Back in the woods to hunt
I’d hear a noise and look and see
That little Collie runt.
I tied a weight around her neck
To teach her to stay home.
Thinking that would hobble her
And train her not to roam.
Then I went back to the woods
To bow hunt for my deer.
Heard a noise back in the brush,
But it’s not a deer I hear.
It’s a Collie pup, with a heart
Bigger than any deer.
Pulling that weight through the briars
Just wanting to be near.
The years crept by ever so sly
Like deer creep through the woods
And I remember all the fun we had
Through bad times and the good.
The old girl is now so helpless
She can’t walk on her own,
I hate to see her suffer and
She hates to be alone.
Soon I must pet her one last time
Then say “Good bye my friend.”
And let her sleep that endless sleep
Where friendships never end.

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