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Is it the job that ONCE as a little kid you dreamed about?

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CHAPTER-Work and Life

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*this writing is for my book im in process of completing and i wrote this couple of years back*i would love some FEEDBACK on the things this writing asks for to see if you can relate to it


Why do you work?
Where do you work currently?
Is it the job that ones as a little kid dreamed about?
Did you follow your dream or was it changed as you grew; from wanting to be one day a Policeman, Firefighter, Doctor, or Veterinarian?  
Did you want to grow up and be an Athlete?
Were your parents your heroes and you wanted to be just as they were?
Or maybe they wanted for you to be what they never were? 1 comment

Who are we in this world?
-Are we happy?


Do you work at your job because of how much they pay you or because of the benefits that come with it?

Don’t let money be a factor.

If you could, would you leave your job right now and get the job that you really like and would enjoy doing; getting to work with a smile on your face and coming home happy, instead of coming home stressed-out?

The meaning of job:
(1)       piece of work to be done; task. (2) Paid position of employment.

*To be done: Do you ever feel that you are obligated to do something that you don’t enjoy doing, day in and day out?
*Paid: Is that one reason to why you don’t go out and give chance to your dream?

The meaning of work:
(1)       application of mental or physical effort to a purpose; use of energy. (2) task to be undertaken. (3) thing done or made by work; result of an action. (4) employment or occupation.

*Mental or physical effort: This means that you need to use your mind to perform your at you job. And here is where you sometimes get tired at work, where you get headaches, backaches, ect.
*To be undertaken: This means that when you’re at your chosen job, you will be asked to do certain things under pressure and you must be ready for anything.


What do you truly think of your job?
Do you like it?
Do you like your co-worker or your workers?
Can you see yourself working on this job for the years to come?

If not, then you should listen and get the job that you like.

*What’s the job where you can see yourself being happy and enjoying every minute of it?
What makes it special?
If you really want it, what’s stopping you?

Work hard for it, if you want it.

We are what we choose to be…

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