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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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If you want things that way

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Lyrics to a song I wrote back in 1974  I am an incurable romantic

I want to be with you
Just to be with you
And to look into your eyes
I want to stay by you
Day by day by you
Underneath the summer skies
And when the autumn comes
And the raindrop drums
Beat against my window glass
I want to cling to you
And sing to you
Till all the dark clouds have past.

I need to hold to you
And be told by you
That you need holding me
I want to care for you
And share with you
For all eternity

I want to hold you tight
When we kiss goodnight
And again in the morning
I want to go with you
Where you want me to
Any time without a warning

I want to call your name
And never be ashamed
Of what other people say
I want forever, dear
To hold you near
If you want things that way.

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