Don Yarber Don Yarber
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No matter "what" becomes of me from now on..(might make it more meaningful).

Aleena Afzal Aleena Afzal
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Yes Don, it was 'what', But i forgot to write it..Thank you...

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Aleena Afzal Aleena Afzal
Recommendations: 4

Parents: Joy of Life

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soul mates

I have been blessed with wonderful parents
They clothed, nourished and nurtured me
And made better provisions for me as years went by
Though at some time it was tough, yet they remained untiring
And carried me through the troubles, misery and happiness
What else could I have hoped and prayed for
When their mere presence is truly a blessing indeed
No matter what becomes of me from now on
I will always be grateful for their efforts
Though time is fleeting and the end is nearing
I will continue to pray for their health
And may Allah Almighty bless them and me 2 comments

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