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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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soul mates

A battle I can't win.;

I faced the enemy, ten of them
They were lined up facing me.
Their uniforms were bright and white
Behind them shadows, all I could see.

Twenty five yards between us now
I can see their colors plain
I wonder as I take my aim
If they will feel the pain.

When they go spinning, falling down
Will I have conquered all?
Or will they rise to stand again
And face me, brave and tall?

Will I win this final fight
And claim my trophies glory
Or will I slink away in fright
And never tell the story.

And when the game is over
And I tally up the score
Will I come back to fight again
Will I come back for more?

Will my captain beg me to return
Can I shake battle fatigue?
And will myself to join again
My seniors bowling league?

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