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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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These Dreams

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Another grimsical song written sometime in the summer of 2011, loosely based on how I feel about someone I care about,  who has a lot of problems.

In a different light I saw you in a strange dream,
falling through the cracks, there were no colors in between
Then the sky began to rain and washed away the sea.
In a strange light I saw you in a dream

On the edge of dawn I saw through your disguise.
You said a prayer, settled back to watch me die.
I said that’s Ok,   I was leaving anyway
but I wanted it to be a surprise.
On the edge of dawn I saw you close your eyes.

These dreams, they make no sense.
All I want to do with you is spin and dance.
Forever innocent, when I wake up will I still be in a trance?
I went to sleep with nothing left to chance.

In a strange dream I saw you in a different light,
Chasing rainbows in every shade of black and white.
I watched through a color wheel, it made you seem more real.
In a dream light I saw the way you feel

These dreams, will come and go.
When we wake no one will ever know
that you have dreams of me,
and I have dreams of you that make me blue.
Sometimes dreams should never come true.

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