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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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soul mates

I see her in the reflection of store windows

I see her in my morning toast

I picture her smiling, waving me forth with but a single finger

I hear her voice in the trees, whispering about the fluttering leaves

I sense her only two steps behind me, walking in my scent

I feel her arms wrapping me tight on those lonely rainy days

I gauge her on the very air as it tumbles by with the sweetest kisses

I feel her pressing when I am sitting in front of a blank screen

I smell her, so sweet and feminine, so colourful and animate

I feel her kisses when I close my eyes to sleep

I feel her fingers brush upon my shoulders when my brain begins to dream

I hear her calling me up the road to the tree where we carved “D ‘heart’ C 4Ever!”

I feel her steps on the very same floor that I walk on in the middle of the night

I feel her shadow crawling up in the darkness, sitting right beside me

I feel her love when I make silly comments to perfect strangers

I hear her giggles when I say silly things

She is everywhere

She is in my heart, alive and beautiful and free

She lights up the darkness that once held me captive

She sets me free from a life of wretchedness and despair

She is Venus, a Goddess, a brilliant Blue Whale in the ocean of life that is my soul

Like a moonlit summer glen she is beauty incarnate

She can hear me too as I follow her like a small child

She loves how curious I am, and I love that she loves that

In her heart I make my fire and in the sweetest moment in her arms I am home

She is the trees, the songbird that makes her home in its branches

She is the frog on a lily pad serenading the night away

She is the wolf that blew the door down if only to share a pie with the 3 little pigs

She is the middle bowl of porridge that was just perfect for Goldilocks

She is the breadcrumb trail home for Hansel and Gretel

She loves My Monkeys and My Monkeys love her right back

She is the world

And she is the sun and the moon and the stars

And she shines just for me

Upon me, giving me strength and hope and a will to move mountains

She is special like the night

And somewhere over a midnight rainbow our destinies collide, mesh and play

Just because she IS...

Venus, my very own personal Goddess

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