Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Holy...! I love this stanza, particularly the line "wasting away behind behind invisible bars.'

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Benjamin Crosby Benjamin Crosby
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Flirting with a Girl Called Danger

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So I was listening to Bob Dylan's song Things Have Changed one night when the rhythm got stuck in my head.  All of a sudden the line 'I'm deep in the mist of uncertain times' popped and I went from there.  I wrote it on my steel-string Fender; keeping it in G, but with a faster tempo.

I’m deep in the mist of uncertain times.
Her eyes are wild; my temperature climbs.
Only a fool would think that he could change her.
The nights are hot, and the days are cruel.
It seems like I keep breaking every rule
Since I’ve been flirting with a girl called Danger.

The arms of indulgence welcome me inside.
They sever the binds; my hands are untied.
I’m granted the freedom no one else could deliver.
She taunts me with a fleeting caress
Knowing want is apt to obsess
And volunteer all that I have to give her.

I’ve wandered into a treacherous affair.
Dark clouds loom, and a chill fills the air.
There are no friendly faces; everyone is a stranger.
Men linger around like abandoned cars
Wasting away behind invisible bars
Still thinking about that girl called Danger. 1 comment

Who can avoid the traps that are sprung
Once the craving grabs hold of one’s tongue
Where the fruits of life taste better when banned.
She called my bluff, with little surprise,
As she could see in the secrecy of my eyes
That I’ve always been holding a losing hand.

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