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Gentle last paragraph. Gentle ending.

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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I Cannot Resist

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I was listening to Burn the night Away by There for Tomorrow and I just had to write this :)

The rain taps against my window in this early morning. I watch them land softly on the glass. It is almost like looking at a reflection of my own tears. I can't see my face or red eyes...just the tears.

My fingertips touch the water through the glass. I can see but not feel. Yet my heart can feel but not see. The memory of your face is carved in my mind and your voice plays over and over. Just the simple things make me smile through these tears - Tears of sadness for I can never be as good as you would want me to be.

You make it hard for me to handle my emotions. I struggle to hold my heart together when it melts at the sight of you. I try not to look at your handsome face but my eyes are a catalyst. I cannot resist looking and the reaction is triggered. My heart melts.

I open my window and outstretch my palm to feel the cool of the water. It seeps into my skin and replaces the pain that pumps through my veins. It extinguishes the hurtful fire within me.

The pain is there because I have to admit that I am falling in love with you. Deeper and deeper I fall. I have nothing to hold on to except a small dash of hope that I will not land hard. I don't want to get hurt by you not giving me your love. I know I am not for you but my heart and soul say different.

I know I cannot resist you. I try and I know you are too good for me but my heart still melts when I see you. My mind records the sound of your voice and it recalls the image of your face for me before I fall asleep. Only the rain can take away the pain but it doesn't rain all the time so the indignity will always remain... 1 comment

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