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Jason Dookeran Jason Dookeran
Recommendations: 12

A Lively Corpse

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Her wails echoed down the hospital corridor. Annette had been with Julius for over twenty years in relative marital bliss, but now he had left her. The sickness had begun innocuously enough; he had a cold, and his head hurt. Then the lesions started appearing and his flesh started rotting off his bones. Within hours of his first complaint, he was dead, and his body a semi-putrefied mass. She sat there in disbelief, holding the half-decomposed hand of the man she had loved as she wept her sorrow out under the cold blue fluorescent light.

She stroked his hand, knowing that if she wasn't careful, his skin would come off in her palm. She didn't know what could cause this. The doctors were stumped as well. They talked in whispers around her and let him sit with her as his last half-hour came. She watched the heart monitor beep hoping that each one would be the last and that he could rest, but praying he would hold on for a few more minutes. When the monitor flat-lined, she felt relief and grief wash over her in contradictory currents. She closed her eyes and sobbed like a little girl who had lost her innocence.

"Annie?" she heard someone say. It was Julius' voice.

"Go away," she said. It couldn't be Julius' voice. Julius was dead.

"Why are you crying Annie?" Julius' voice said again.

She opened her eyes and there was Julius, sitting up and looking at her. The semi-liquefied flesh dripped from his bones like glue from a pallet-stick. "J-Julius?" she stuttered.

"It's me dear heart," Julius said, his grotesque mask of dead flesh moving as he spoke.

"But you're dead," Annette said, looking at the heart monitor that still showed the non-existent heartbeat of her lover.

"I feel alive," Julius said. "But I feel hungry. I want to eat something Annie."

She rested his hand on the bed and got up. "I'll get you something dear."

"No, Annie, you don't understand," Julius said from right behind her. "I want to eat you."

The nurses heard her screams and rushed to find out what had happened. Julius made sure they realized how lively a corpse could be. All of them.

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