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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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Forgotten (?) Soul's Sorrow

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For Charlie

      As I ascended the golden stair;
     I met the spirit who was always there.

     The paradise I saw was but a glimmer

     Since I was a forgotten sinner.

     My entry into the divine place, Denied.

     Was commanded to the other side.

     I fell into that hellish place;

     To land, cursedly, face to face

     Before the demon who always grins

     Amongst the chaos; the lamenting din.

     His brimstone upon my tortured soul consume.

     Holding me forever, eternally doomed.

     Alas, this, too, was not to be.

     Even perdition was not for me.

     Spinning now, between time and space;

     Still seeking my eternal place.

     While oblivion attempts to find its voice.

     Finally to make its judgement choice.

     On whether I am damned or free.

     All I ask is that it be.

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