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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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Ashley (5-28-2008)

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soul mates

In loving memory of Ashley Sekerchak.  She was my little sister and best friend.  She will NEVER be forgotten.

It's been four years now
Since you've been gone,
I miss you so much
And I feel so alone.
What am I to do
Out here on my own?
I'm so lost right here without you,
All I do is think about you.
Now I sit here and I write you
Praying that God will send some light through,
To help me see these long, dark nights through.
'Cuz ever since the day
That you were taken away,
Nothing has been the same.
My whole world has changed.
Every night I pray
Asking for just one more day
To hold you in my arms
To feel safe, no harm.
Be in a place with no alarms
Sweetheart, you were charm.
You were my baby sister.
And I can't say how bad I miss ya,
Girl I swear I'll never forget ya.
But now my charm is gone.
And all I can do is cry.
But all I wanna do is die,
So I can meet you up in the sky
Just to look into your eyes
Just one last time.
'Cuz I never got the chance
To say goodbye.

I love you baby girl,
You will be in my heart forever!

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