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Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

Willow Tales Part One: Wandering Willow

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For Charlie

Traveling through the deepening forest
seeming she’ll never get out,
Willow's heart pounded harder each moment,
as faith was replaced with doubt.

Along came an owl with wisdom abundant
to offer the girl a plan.
With disdain in her eyes she set him aside
explaining, "you’re not from our clan."

Growing more desperate with each passing moment
Willow could now barely think.
Fearing her sanity losing its grip,
her hope was beginning to shrink.  

A fox happened by, trained with a keen eye,
suggesting he could be her guide.
Walking away she told him, "no way"
announcing, "you look much too snide."

Soon it appeared no help was in sight,
except for a bunch of strange creatures.
Try as they might she refused their advice.
Too bad that no one could reach her.

Then came a rabbit who knew of a trail
which led to a farm in the clearing.
He pulled out a map to keep her on track.
Willow smirked and said nothing worth hearing.

Reaching a feverish pitch Willow screamed
help! Can anyone hear me?
she heard no reply, saw no one near by.
Silence had answered her plea

Then entered a Bear whose mission was clear,
show Willow an easy way out.
Rolling her eyes she swelled up with pride,
"forget it you big clumsy lout."

The forest had heard every comment and word  
Willow had openly sneered.
It swallowed her up now forever she must
be weeping without any tears.

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