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Davide Castel Davide Castel
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The House of Cards

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soul mates

Another bit of fun writing from a non card player.

When I was young and money was tight
We children would play games, or fight
Then playing cards were introduced
It would be a fight of who won first
But I was the one who didn’t know
Those cards were not there just for show
I liked to keep and to hoard them too
For that was the best that I could do.

When I got married, they lined in a queue
The Nonnas and Nonnos, my husband too
Our children followed this family tradition
And time went quickly with this addition
I was the only one who wouldn’t conform
This to all of them was just not the norm.

My youngest daughter, was only three
When she tried to show and play with me
She followed me all around the house
Explaining those cards and how to go about
I tried to find excuses as to why I couldn’t play
But her tutoring went on for the rest of our day.

Now many years later, cards are still played
By hubby and friends, while I stay away
I keep myself busy and entertain them so  
By playing my piano for practice, you know
I play some familiar tunes, from way back then
They sing in Italian, my jovial and happy men.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have tried to play
But the interests not there, so what can I say?
I find it quite boring, this sedentary game
Those repeated symbols, look all the same
I did try to concentrate and even to interact,
But no matter how I tried, my mind became abstract

Years later I volunteered, in a study for Alzheimer
I hoped to test this brain of mine, in a comfy recliner
But this was not to be, for I now faced my crime              
And would you believe? It was cards all of the time!
I struggled with those symbols; I found them oh so hard
I wished I’d paid more attention to the House of Cards.

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