Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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Drosphilia of unknown origin " - Be original or at least be Orange or any other colour - " I love this line! Original and very...how shall I say...captivating in its simplicity!

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

I see you perched there, but I never hear from you. Is it fair that I burn the midnight oil, spill my guts out to entertain you? And I`m not talking to the many steady contributors. C`mon, I want to hear from you. Or are you chicken? Why won`t you cross the road?

There they are again
they`ve come to watch us
without paying the price
they have sat here for months
mute and faceless

They lie like dead men
their eyes read us
but say nothing
why are they here?
can anyone tell me?

Sitting in their niche
their pens remain
never sharing
only feasting
hey, you!
I`m talking to you!

Why are you here?
if you don`t intend to allow
me to read you
is this some kind of game
with you that you hold
to your burning breast?

Reveal yourself
don`t just sit there
in your easy chair
write something
even if you think it
may sound ludicrous
or lewd

of unknown origin
Be original
or at least
be Orange
or any other colour 1 comment

So I can see you
so I can feel the contours
of your hidden psyche
you can`t hang on
this free ride forever
Hey,fly guy!
messy girl

this is the writer`s world!
the flow of the pen
is our thing
With a thousand eyes you may see
but you only need two
to throw in
with Us
fuss up
break out
of your Silent world.

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