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Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Psycho Kitty

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soul mates

Inspired by the antics of a friend's pet cat who terrorised visitors with its claws and teeth. She affectionately named it "Sid Vicious"

Come listen to my ditty of a psycho kitty,
A Persian pretty in a dirt box gritty,
Feeling no pity for the strays of the city
Sweet Mr Bitty turned Psycho Kitty

Both bird and bat are prey for this cat
His Tummy so fat; full of mice and rat
In house and flat, he’s an impish brat
He’s a one pus-frat, doesn’t need no pat

There’s an insidious growl when he’s on the prowl
As his hungry eyes scowl at the raven and owl
With breath so foul reeking of fish and fowl
If vocals would allow, at the full moon he’d howl

In the heart of the city in a dirt box so gritty
Sits our vicious pretty with no charity or pity
Singing: "Do Wa Diddy", getting to the nitty-gritty
Sweet Mr Bitty turned Psycho Kitty

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