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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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My Beautiful Nightmare

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Where do I begin? My life is so full of sin.
I walk around everyday with a painted, plastic grin.
A veteran in this spiritual masquerade.
I've stayed away from the Son, finding solace in the shade.
My miserable life was nothing more than a cheap charade,
Doing drugs, making fun, watching my soul slowly fade.
Darkness was upon me, summoning my name.
Pulling me in closer, like a moth drawn to a flame.
I heard the angels beckoning, still I turned the other way;
For it's way too hard to see the light, when all around you is dark and grey.
Everyone you love are like sheep that's gone astray.
You try to be their shepherd, but you're just a wolf in search of prey.
Despite your good intentions, Hells gates are opened wide,
Waiting for your last mistake, check mate, now get inside.
The asylum now your home is full of torment and despair,
So much pain and agony; the smell of sulfur is in the air.
The flames engulf your body, as you scream to God, "This isn't fair!"
"I've always tried my best, and I swear I've always cared!"
"I always knew you were the truth, although Your love I never shared."
"I never once died to myself, now my soul can not be spared!"
A midst the screaming and gnashing of teeth, I realized what I'd done,
I lived my life for myself, not putting faith in God's precious Son.
For so many years I heard His voice,
Though I hung my head in shame.
Time after time I was given a choice,
But at the end of the day, I was the one to blame!
I've done some horrible things, some very dirty deeds,
A fallen angel with broken wings, I planted evil seeds.
I hid behind a convincing smile, but I was living a lie.
I had faker face that could win first place, but inside I wanted to die.
Then a deafening silence pierced my ears,
And a quiet whisper shattered my fears,
A still small voice spoke my name.
As I opened my eyes, I knew I'd never be the same.
I lifted my voice unto the heavens, "Father hear my scream,
I'll never be able to thank you enough for that horrifying dream!"
"You've awakened my soul, You've closed the black hole,
Where death can no longer sting."
"Now I can see, Your blood will set me free,
If I accept Jesus as my Savior and King.
So, Lord, here I am, down on my knees,
Pouring out my soul, will You forgive me please?"
I know you've given me chance after chance,
Still you keep giving me Your mercy in advance.
Your love is unconditional and Your grace never fails!
You have proven Your love on the cross with three nails.
You were beaten and abused, You were spit upon and accused.
Because of me you were bruised, I'm the reason Your blood oozed.
I was the mocker, "Hail King of the Jews!"
But still You loved me and pardoned me too,
"Father forgive them, they know not what they do."
Then when darkness fell upon You and death had finally won,
The Father up above had other plans for His Son.
After three days in the tomb, the stone was rolled away,
Now Jesus Christ is alive and well, and He lives in me today!
So when darkness comes to lead me back down the wrong trail,
I have the power through Jesus Christ to send that demon back to hell!
Thank You God for saving my soul and cleansing my stains,
Now I can live freely since You've broken these chains!

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